Our Strategy


Undervalued Land

Not all farmland is valued equally. Regions of the Eastern U.S. – where Blackdirt operates – have lower prices per acre of crop production relative to other regions of the U.S. Blackdirt Capital has a pipeline of undervalued properties and has the resources in place to help unlock this value for investors.

Historical Returns

Compelling risk-adjusted returns

Farmland has compelling risk-adjusted returns based on long-term historical performance. Farmland is highly correlated with inflation and exhibits a lower unit of volatility per unit of return as compared to most other asset classes, thereby creating a compelling risk-adjusted return profile.

Upside Potential

Growing markets with supply constraints

The grassfed, pasture-based and organic sectors are premium markets that represent some of the fastest growing segments of the U.S. agriculture sector. Demand outstrips supply and most supply being met via imported production. Blackdirt creates opportunities for investors to participate in these quickly growing, supply constrained markets.

Risk Management

Using financial and ecological assessment to manage risk

Blackdirt Capital and our regional and operating partners are focused on risk management for enhancing both financial and ecological outcomes. Then past experience of Blackdirt’s Founding Partners in portfolio management, fund management, risk management, and deal execution provides the necessary tools for risk analysis and management.


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