Farm Management

is an agriculture operations and investment business with multiple operating assets in the Southeast U.S.

Blackdirt's Focus

Blackdirt has investment experience in farmland, ranchland, livestock, row crop production, and sustainable food brands. Blackdirt has direct operating experience on farmland, livestock, and row crop systems, with a core focus in the Southeast U.S.

Blackdirt's Specialty

Blackdirt has specific expertise in livestock production, investment, and financing. Including grassfed, organic, non-GMO, and commodity systems. The Company also holds third party certifications on all direct operating assets that meet some of the highest animal welfare standards in the industry, including GAP4, NHTC, SAV, VNB, and other designations.

Blackdirt's Added Values

Blackdirt engages in direct operations and investing, consulting, production analysis, and structured financings for investors, clients and partners.

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